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I really truthfully love my peoples. No particular event brought on this realization, I've just been thinking about it recently. Your family, your friends, they're what makes life worth living. I live by a "Me Against the World" motto but knowing that I still have people in my corner, people to support me, that makes me feel loved. The other day I called my brother just to be like "You know what, I love you". I haven't had the urge to do that in awhile. And my friends, what can I say about them? I have the best friends in the world because they're all crazy, funny, supportive, and diverse. True, I do have to stretch my arms out to keep them all close, and sometimes they don't play well together (or with others but that's another story that need not be told) they're all worth it. Even though very few of them read this, it don't matter. Most of them already know this shit, but we're too hard to actually discuss it lol. Long-pointless-journal-entry-short, My family is amazing, my friends are my family and therefore they're amazing too...end story!
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