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I'm Infatuated and You're my Baby...

He asked me to braid his hair
and his smile made it hard to say no.

And so now he’s got his head between my thighs,
and I begin to fantasize
about him…between my thighs
and my hands begin shaking
because my composure is fading
but I continue braiding
and try not to concentrate on the feeling of him,
between my thighs

But he’s got his body between my legs,
and I can feel the muscles of his stomach when he laughs,
and my fingers are trying hard to speak on my hearts behalf
trying hard to press into his head my thoughts and emotions
so he can begin to understand my hearts devotion

I love him and he doesn’t even realize.

And my fingers gently twist these ideas into his braids
hoping one day he’ll uncover all the love I gave,
because not only did I give him twelve neat, clean lines of cornrows,
I gave him my heart, and I gave him my soul

And I’d do it all again without thinking twice,
just as long as I could have his head back between my thighs.

*Technically the dude I'm fiending for right now has a fade but I still think this poem applies in some way. Damn and to think I was doin' fine 'til I saw him the other day and now I'm infatuated but hey, I don't mind at all*
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